All the dogs in our shelter deserve a second chance at happiness. As much as we try our best to bring them joy in the shelter, we know that many of them have a wish to have a home of their own.

We believe that regardless of age, gender and breed, dogs change us for the better and teach us to love. Rescued strays are no different. In fact, many of them have a more interesting life story to tell. If you give them the chance, we believe they can be the best companion you've ever had.

For further enquiries and viewing arrangement, do email us at or fill up our contact form. The adoption procedure our shelter goes by is also listed below for your information.

Adoption Procedure

1. At least 2-4 bonding sessions with the dog you hope to adopt

Our dogs can be pretty shy! Give them some time to warm up to you. The bonding sessions will also be a great chance to assess if the dog is suitable for your family.

2. Home visit before 1-week-long home stay

This is mandatory as we have to ensure that your home has been dog-proofed and the whole family is agreeable to a new pet! It is also a good time for you to clear any doubts with us.

3. Home visit after 1-week-long home stay

After the week-long home stay, we will conduct a brief visit to assess if both adopter and dog are adapting well to their new best friend.

4. Confirmation of adoption

Adopter is required to sign an adoption contract and abide to the conditions. An adoption fee of $250 is required to cover sterilisation, microchipping, vaccination and administrative costs.

5. Ad-hoc home visits over next 6 months

Don't worry, all home visits will be scheduled and we merely want to make sure our dogs are fine!