Millieats was started by a girl who has been passionate about baking since the young age of six. Not only is she in love with baking, she is an avid animal lover too; hence coming up with a great idea to combine her love by donating 70% of the proceeds to non-profit organisations in Singapore. Thus, the idea for Millieats was borne 4 years ago.

Not so long ago, a boy with the same love for baking joined Millieats. He started baking since he was eight years old, presenting his bakes as gifts on special occasions. To him, baking was what he called a “two-in-one” activity. The baking process is creative and therapeutic, and the outcome is the perfect cherry on the top - a wonderful treat for everyone to share.

With the amount of effort they put into whipping out their deliciously decadent homemade goodness, we believe no one can resist the temptation to dive into their sweet treats.

In helping to raise funds for OSCAS, Millieats will be selling some yummy goodies for not just hoomans but for your furkids too! Limited bakes will be available at the OSCAS’s booth at our upcoming Lunar Pets Fiesta event on 24 Feb.

In order not to miss out, we are taking in pre-orders from now till 14 February.

Place your orders here: https://docs.google.com/…/1m8K1aTjjfTlB8Y5CMxA_Sya2Hur…/edit

Collection of goodies will be at the OSCAS booth on event day. Full details can be found in the pre-order link above.

Find out more about Millieats
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Millieatsbake
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/millieats/
Website: https://www.millieats.com