Our shelter is managed almost entirely by volunteers, from rehabilitating, bathing and walking the dogs, to maintaining and updating the website and Facebook page. Volunteers form an integral part of the shelter and we welcome you to join our family!

Please read about our volunteer roles, duties and criteria before you register as a volunteer here

Kindly note that we communicate with new volunteers via email. In addition, we go by a first-come-first-served basis with regard to registration for our orientation sessions. As such, please understand should we be unable to accommodate your availability.

Volunteer Roles

  • Animal Welfare
  • Education and Outreach
  • Events and Fundraising
  • PR and Media
  • Rehoming and Sponsorship
  • Transport

Animal Welfare

All of our dogs are strays rescued from the streets or from being culled. Most of them had little or no human interaction before coming into our shelter, and can be pretty shy. We need volunteers to rehabilitate, walk and bathe them, as well as monitor their well-being and health condition. Caring for a hundred dogs also means making sure we have enough food and treats for the dogs, their living conditions are clean and safe, and required necessities are adequately stocked.


  • Daily operations and maintenance of the kennels
  • Ensure well-being of the animals – sterilization, yearly vaccination, immediate and adequate medical attention when required
  • Arrange for animal transport to veterinary clinics when required
  • Work with volunteers to rehabilitate the animals and provide them with sufficient attention and care
  • Stock-keeping of food, medical items and other necessities


  • 18 years and above
  • Able to commit to weekly or fortnightly visits for at least 6 months
  • Meticulous and observant
  • Loads of patience and love for the doggies
  • Has initiative and an open mind
  • Tetanus vaccination (about SGD7 from a polyclinic)


Education and Outreach 

One of our goals is to raise awareness and understanding of the plight of stray dogs in Singapore. Help us produce materials that we can use in sharing with schools, as well as in coordinating special projects in collaboration with other organizations such as corporations, old age homes, children’s homes, etc.


  • Encourage a kinder society by working closely with schools in organizing educational talks and events, and providing students with first-hand experience in caring for animals
  • Offer students and companies opportunities to initiate various community involvement projects
  • Promote responsible handling of animals and pet ownership via social media
  • Collaborate with community centres in promoting kindness to animals
  • Raise awareness and rid misconceptions about stray dogs
  • Work in tandem with authorities and other animal welfare groups


  • 15 years and above
  • Good team player
  • Has initiative
  • Organised and dedicated


Events and Fundraising 

We need funds to maintain the shelter as well as raise awareness for our cause. If you have an interest in event planning or experience in canvassing efforts, this would be the right role for you!


  • Organize and plan events to raise awareness about OSCAS
  • Work closely with other sub-committees to raise funds for expenses and promote adoption and sponsorship
  • Negotiate with suppliers and retailers for production and distribution of fundraising merchandise
  • Ensure regularity of events organized by schools, organizations and other animal welfare groups that OSCAS takes part in


  • 15 years and above
  • Good team player
  • Organised and dedicated


PR and Media 

Help us spread the word about our shelter! We need volunteers to help us design posters and other materials, as well as maintain the website by contributing content and keep the Facebook Page updated with news, information and stories.


  • Boost awareness of OSCAS to general public and different populations
  • Promote kindness to animals and encourage adoption of animals
  • Initiate collaborations with schools, companies and other agencies
  • Cast wider network and forge contacts with media companies
  • Design publicity materials for events
  • Maintain website and social media platforms


  • 13 years and above
  • Creative and expressive
  • Ability to write and/or design well
  • Has initiative and works effectively with deadlines


Rehoming and Sponsorship

Finding forever homes or foster homes for our dogs can be challenging, but extremely inspiring and heart-warming. Join us in this meaningful journey of creating happily-ever-after stories!


  • Increase adoption rate of animals
  • Work closely with volunteers to get animals socialized and ready for adoption
  • In-charge of screening and liaising with potential adopters
  • Conduct home visits to ensure that the animals go to responsible homes where they will not end up as strays again or abandoned
  • Promote sponsorship of animals/kennels to organizations and families who are not able to adopt due to various reasons


  • 18 years and above
  • Preferably also in Animal Welfare to gain better understanding of our dogs
  • Has initiative
  • Motivated to follow through each adoption / fostering process
  • Loads of patience and love for the doggies



We often require volunteer drivers who are able to transport our shelter dogs for events and vet appointments. If you are able to help with transporting our dogs, please let us know your availability!


  • Transport dog (can be one-way or two-way)
  • Ensure dog is leashed or in carrier at all time until destination is reached


  • Valid driving license and has own vehicle
  • Patience for dogs who may get motion-sick