Tuesday, 17 May 2016


by Mary Soo

March and April had been a most traumatic period for us.  We lost two of our babies (Blessing and Spotty).

At the same time our darling Marco, paralysed from waist down had to undergo a surgery. 

Adding to all these heartaches, our sweet Wave was diagnosed with a heart condition which is not too serious now but then who can trust the unpredictable heart??


Our beloved Blessing lost her life after a painful battle against a devious bacteria which was resistant to a whole list of antibiotics.  She was a very brave girl as she could withstand all the pain she had to endure and was given an A Star by all the staff at the veterinary clinic. She finally succumbed and passed away on 27 March.

I can still recall the day almost 6 years ago when Anita and myself found Blessing and her two sisters dumped under an overhead bridge.  They were so weak they could not even stand up.  With the help of the vets we manged to nurse two of them back to health although Hope contracted distemper and died shortly after rescue.  We are now left with Mercy who is running around happily at OSCAS.

Spotty was one of the family of eight puppies that were caught from Pulau Ubin and brought to Singapore for the kill.  A security guard at the ferry point who felt so sorry for the puppies called Anita and begged her to rescue them.  As you can guess, we took all eight home, which of course brought us loads of cheer but also had the AVA knocking at our door because of a neighbour who would not tolerate animals.  We didn’t run a shelter then but ended boarding them with a boarding kennel (which of course was not cheap).


Wave was a skinny and shy stray by the Changi seaside behind a huge construction site.  When we rescued her, she was pregnant and gave birth to 9 lovely puppies.  Unfortunately, Wave was down with tick fever and so we had to separate her from her puppies which, of course, didn’t augur well for the babies.  They were then deprived of the crucial colostrum (nature’s vaccine for babies).  All but one puppy survive – our star Mack.

About a week and a half ago, sweet Wave was found lying on her side breathing heavily.  She was rushed to the vet and was diagnosed with the onset of heart disease. Wave is now on daily heart medication.


Because he is paralysed waist down, Marco drags himself around.  As a result he injured his private part and had to undergo an operation.  Apart from this, Marco is still strong – and handsome!!  He hates to dirty his room so he drags himself out of the room to ease himself and then drags back into his cosy room again for his siesta.


The medical costs amounted to $21,081.76 :-
  • Blessing        = $13,680.73
  • Marco             = $  4,065.56
  • Spot                = $  2,580.48
  • Wave              = $     755.47

Being a shelter with no commercial income, this has caused a huge casualty to the little reserve that we have managed to save over the 10 years.   If you would like to help us build up our reserve again, we will indeed be deeply grateful.  Every help is precious to us. 

If you would like to help us defray the veterinary costs, our account is DBS Current Bank Account – OSCAS LTD, Account No.048-904283-4.  please fill in under “My Initials” and “Beneficiary/Customer Ref:”  Your Name-purpose, e.g JohnTan-Medical. Once done, please send us an email (oasis2ndchance @ gmail.com) so that we would be able to send you a receipt.  Thank you.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Choosing a Shelter Dog

A post by Jodi Lee

I never thought I'd have another dog. I was living alone, just renovated my new place and enjoying my new single status. One major purchase for any new place is the sofa. Finally! I could buy a fabric sofa, which wasn't as expensive as a leather one. When I had my previous dog, I always had a leather sofa, so that dog hair wouldn't stick on it.

However, things didn't go to plan. I started to volunteer at Oasis and was doing some chores at the shelter when I met Mei Mei. She was rescued by a feeder and brought to the kennel when her brother suffered a horrific car accident and ended up with 3 broken legs.

Mei Mei at the kennel
I noticed Mei Mei on one occasion and approached her stall. She was very friendly and excited and started to lick my fingers through the gate. Curious, I went into her stall and was greeted with the most enthusiastic kisses and licks I've ever received from a dog. There wasn't an inch on my face and neck that wasn't covered in dog saliva. I didn't know it then, but I was only my way to regretting my fabric sofa decision.

After a few more weekends of this obvious love and enthusiasm from Mei Mei, Mary and Anita started planting thoughts in my head. Thoughts like...bring her home...look at how much she loves you. Moreover, I also heard she doesn't love everyone. She growled at some potential adopters when they visited. So really, she chose me.

And that's how you choose a dog from a shelter. Getting to know a dog. Visiting the shelter a few times. Maybe walk the dog. If possible, consider a home visit. Bring the dog to your place and see how the dog reacts. Let the family get a feel of what it would be like to have the dog at your home.

Mei Mei enjoying the fabric sofa
Your shelter professional is an important resource, especially if you've never had a dog before. If they are trying to push you to adopt on your first visit to the shelter, be very careful. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a dog, be it from a shelter or from the pound.

Here are just some of them:

  • Size of dog - this is the first and foremost thought on most adopters' minds. Being in Singapore, with most people living in HDB flats, this is no doubt and important factor. But under the Adore program, some medium sized dogs are now allowed in HDB flats. Check with your shelter professional on this possibility.
  • Kids - if you have children, it is important that the dog you choose can get along well with children. A lot of shelter dogs may take some time to warm up, but after a few visits to the shelter will give you a better idea of which dog is most suitable for your family.
  • Energy level - yours and the dog's. Senior dogs might only need 1 walk a day, as opposed to young dogs with higher energy levels, requiring 2 walks a day. 

There are so many other factors to consider when thinking about adopting a shelter dog. Talk to the shelter professional for a dog that will be your new best friend!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

OSCAS 2016 Calendars Order - SOLD OUT

Thank you everyone who purchased our calendars!
We have sold out.

Yippee! Our OSCAS 2016 Calendars are ready for order right now!

It's $10 for one calendar and all proceeds go to the shelter. It will help us to feed and care for our dogs in the shelter. Every little bit counts!

To order, simply fill up the form below with the following details:

  1. Number of copies
  2. Mode of payment - Bank Transfer or Cheque
  3. Delivery Address or Self-Collection

Self-Collection at our shelter is only possible on weekends. We will make arrangements after payment has been made.

Postage Fee Guidelines:
1 copy - $2
2 copies - $2.50
3 and 4 copies - $3.50
5-9 copies - $4.50
10 or more copies - Free

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Your Name:
E-mail Address *:
Message *:

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lend A Hand, Save A Paw!

Wish to help our dogs? Here are some ways via which you can donate to our cause!

Food and Item Contribution
1. PawMart
2. Nekojam
3. Animal Human Alliance
4. Dogcery
5. The Barkery Singapore
6. Bubbly Petz
7. Reinbiotech
9. Pets' Station

Monetary Contribution
1. SG Gives
2. Direct Bank Transfer - Kindly refer to details below.

Name of Account: OSCAS Ltd
Bank Name: DBS (Current)
Bank Account No: 048-904283-4

Do indicate your name and purpose (if any) under Reference Code.

For security and tracking purposes, please email the transaction details, and a screenshot if possible, to finance.oscas@outlook.com.

Our finance team will respond to you with a receipt as soon as possible. Thank you for your contribution!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Welcome Home, Blessing!

A write-up from Mary Soo, co-founder of OSCAS:

On Friday, 23 January, at around 5.00 pm, I really thought I was going to have a heart attack. My heart dropped when the vet called to inform me that the clinic had lost our darling dog Blessing! 

Apparently an intern took her for a walk at around 12.30 pm and accidentally lost control of the leash at Mayflower Gardens. Quite an unusually long walk for I know the clinic staff normally take the dogs to the backyard car park for pee/poo and then back into the clinic again. Moreover, Blessing was there for treatment of a bad front paw! What’s worse and utterly shocked us was being informed 4.5hours after she went missing!

When I received the horrible news, I immediately called Anita.  She burst into tears but then quickly sprang into action by rounding up volunteers on our chat list and speeding all the way to the scene and surrounding areas. By late evening, we had an action team meeting.  
We were so fortunate to have Julie Theng, an experienced volunteer who helps to trace lost dogs of close friends and certain animal welfare groups.  She immediately told us what to do. She helped Hui Bin produce a big map of the area and marked possible routes where Blessing could have used.  Posters were immediately printed in hundreds and volunteers were divided by areas to put them up at designated locations. Teams were also sent to scout areas where she could be roaming aimlessly – especially the nearby parks with its neighbouring forested area and food courts after midnight.

Then someone had a posting on Facebook with clear photos of Blessing taken in Bishan Park 1. The kind photographer knew she was a missing dog by the leash that was still attached to her collar then and started snapping pictures of her in case they would come in useful for the owner.

We are truly so grateful to Myke for his presence of mind and civic mindedness. The community definitely needs more people like him. The photos were taken on the very day she went missing – Friday afternoon.

Bishan Park 1 became our base.  Teams were sent on foot whilst those with cars were sent to further areas.  We even scouted the funeral parlour area in Sin Ming and all the lorry depots. We also covered the lower Pierce area and Sembawang Hill.

We were very frustrated that for the many posters that were put up, they were quickly pulled down by the cleaners.  We persevered and replaced them again and again, hoping that the authorities would not come back and fine us for vandalism. Well, they didn’t which was a great relief but we would have hoped that they would allow people to put up such posters as it was for a rescue and life-saving purpose, even though it was for an animal.

As the first weekend ended, we went short of volunteers. Many had to return to work or return to school.  However, words got around about our ordeal and various kind animal welfare groups and other animal lovers helped to spread the word around and managed to recruit additional compassionate supporters.

A number of kind members of the public called about sightings of a brown dog like Blessing, but either the dog was no longer there when we rushed to the scene or it turned out to be just another brown dog. Day after day passed and we still could not find Blessing. We were hopeful that she would return to Bishan Park to rest in the evenings but our 24 hours vigilance there proved unfruitful.
On the 8th day, Friday 30th, Anita, myself and our core volunteers who accompanied us almost 24 hours each day, were shrouded in deep despair and grief.  We suddenly lost confidence and succumbed to the feeling of great pain and sadness.  It was such a pitiful sight seeing Anita looking towards where Blessing was last seen at the Bishan Park running up the steep slope towards the temple and crying her eyes out. She was pleading to God and sobbing uncontrollably. All of us with her lost our control and started crying too.  We all felt so helpless and knew that the last hope is for a miracle from Heaven. 

Indeed, a miracle happened!

The very next day, Saturday 31 January, 10.30 am when I just reached home from Bishan Park, I received a call from a lady who said that she thinks Blessing is at the Condo where she lives. Her husband very kindly took a picture and indeed IT WAS BLESSING!

Anita was at my place then hoping to catch some sleep before resuming her search. Before I could even change, she had zoomed off at top speed.  The pictures below tell the happy ending to Blessing’s and our ordeal throughout the 8 days. 

If you read on, you will agree in amazement that it is indeed a Miracle. 
  • Blessing was sighted at Jalan Lembah (beside Thomson Plaza) by a lady.
  • The lady told her sister Ju-Lin who lives in a condo at Marymount about this dog wandering around the Jalan Lembah area.
  • The sister later saw our poster and took a picture and showed to Ju-Lin.
  • The sister then said the dog had disappeared.
  • On Saturday 31 January, Ju-Lin noticed a brown dog lying in the car park of condo in Marymount and alerted her husband Eric.
  • Ju-Lin then recalled her sister’s account of a wandering brown dog and called her sister to send her the picture so that she could contact possible owner.
  • Ju-Lin called my number and told me she thinks Blessing is at the condo.
  • Eric took a picture of the dog and I immediately recognised Blessing.
  • Anita rushed down immediately and carried baby Blessing home.

We are deeply grateful to Ju-Lin and Eric.  We have offered them the $1,000/- reward but they strongly refused. We would likely give the reward to be shared by two of the lady security guards who helped to ensure that Blessing did not escape before we arrived.  

It is my heartfelt pleasure to thank all the volunteers who have stood strongly behind Anita and myself and provided us with the fantastic moral support so much needed. Hui Bin in particular was a jewel.  She refused to go home and stayed every day and throughout the nights with Anita as she didn’t want Anita to be alone especially throughout the nights till morning.  Dai Ling, Meera, Julie and Bernd were also fantastic. Could not have survived through the depression without all of them behind us. 

We were very fortunate too to have met Alycia who provided much advice and physical help roaming the streets looking for Blessing on regular nights, as well as Ming Hui and Fyona for all the very useful advice. My good friend Irene Low and our Director Clara walking round housing estates distributing our pamphlets.  Our other Director, Rashmi, who brought friends with her to join our search team.  Search members like our long time volunteers Natasha and Crystal, Hui Ze, Sabrina and David, Cheryll and her family (including her mum Elaine).  Others like Claire, Roy, Lesley, Alyssa, Wong Ling, Ai Leng of F7, Tin Ling, AOE, Roy, and staff and friends of United Clinic.

We are also thankful to D.O.G.S., Ella Sherman, Wong Ling Kennel, CAS, F7, Gentle Paws, ALL, SOSD, Agency for Animal Welfare and numerous individuals for posting our Missing Poster on their websites.

To all others who have helped us without our knowledge, we thank you most sincerely.

With deepest gratitude,
Mary Soo