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Besides the fact that dogs bring so much joy and happiness into our lives, there are good reasons why adopting two dogs is better than one!

Pet Portaits


Get your very own Pet Portrait done by one of our vollies Colette for $20 with 50% donated to OSCAS. They make great gift ideas or your very own keepsake. To order click below.

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Curious George loves to get out to sniff and explore. He loves a good snuggle too once he knows you! Arrange for some time to get to know him better!

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Hand-drawn OSCAS x Millieats Postcards are now available for just $2.50 and 100% of all proceeds raised go to OSCAS.

If you love dogs, you have to buy these!


Will you give them a second chance?

Every single contribution goes a long way to help us care for the dogs and further our cause to Lend A Hand, Save a Paw. Help us make a difference to all the rescued dogs at our shelter! 

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Can you give a dog a home?

All the dogs in our shelter deserve a second chance at happiness. As much as we try our best to bring them joy in the shelter, we know that a home of their own is the best place to be.

We believe that regardless of age, gender and breed, dogs change us for the better and teach us the lifelong commitment of love, loyalty and responsibility. Rescued strays are no different.  Many of them have an interesting life story to tell. If you give them the chance, we know they can be the best companion you've ever had.

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