All the dogs in our shelter deserve a second chance at happiness. As much as we try our best to bring them joy in the shelter, we know that a home of their own is the best place to be.

We believe that regardless of age, gender and breed, dogs change us for the better and teach us the lifelong commitment of love, loyalty and responsibility. Rescued strays are no different.  Many of them have an interesting life story to tell. If you give them the chance, we know they can be the best companion you've ever had.

For further enquiries and meeting arrangements, email us at or fill out our contact form. We will send you through an application form to complete and then schedule a meeting. The adoption procedure is outlined below for your information.


1. At least 2-4 bonding sessions with the dog you hope to adopt

Our dogs can be either very shy or over friendly! So we would like to help find the right one for you, your family and lifestyle.  The bonding sessions are a chance to find a suitable dog for your family.

2. Home visit before 2-week-long home stay

This is to ensure that your home has been dog-proofed and the whole family is agreeable to a new pet and ready to welcome him or her to the family! It is also a good time for you to share any concerns and be fully prepared to help your new furry friend settle in comfortably.

3. Home visit after 2-week-long home stay

After the home stay, we will arrange a visit to see how both adopter and dog are adapting to their new best friend.  

4. Confirmation of Adoption

Adopter is required to sign an adoption contract. An adoption fee of $250 is required to cover sterilisation, microchipping, vaccination and administrative costs if not already taken care of. Your new furry family member will need to be licensed with AVA.

5. Ad-hoc home visits over next 6 months

If necessary, we will schedule home visits just to make sure our dogs are happy in their furever home!

THANK YOU for choosing to ADOPT!

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