Get your OSCAS x Millieats Postcards now!

Have you gotten your hands on these lovely postcards yet?

Painted by the talented Daryl Wang from Paper Forest ( in collaboration with Amelia Leow from Millieats (, these beautiful postcards come in 3 different designs.

Each postcard is inspired by real OSCAS shelter dogs - Wee Girl, Lammy and Starry! And the best part is, 100% of proceeds raised go to OSCAS. If you love dogs, you have to buy these!

Each postcard is $2.50, and a set of all 3 is $6.50. They can be purchased by emailing with your name, contact number and order. Payments will be done online once the email has been received. Delivery will be done via normal mail or registered mail for SGD $0.55 and $2.24 respectively.

All 3 postcards.jpeg


Featuring all 3 Oscas Dogs!

Green dog.jpeg


Simple, outgoing and just loveable.

Blue dog.jpeg


Our little Starry is friendly, full of love and enjoys the company of other dogs!

Pink dog. jpeg.jpeg


Lively young spirit who is still learning about the world outside.

Melody Seah