The year 2017 has gone by and now we are into a new year. We are hopeful that 2018 will augur well for OSCAS as the past year had been a most harrowing period in OSCAS entire existence. Our meagre reserves were heavily brought down by horrendous vet bills. Almost 12 years have passed since we embarked  on our major rescue of stray dogs from being culled in the Changi/Tanah Merah areas. The early rescues are in their senior years, a number already thirteen or fourteen, hence an unwavering bond precludes our conscience from sitting back and watching them suffer and die a miserable painful death when medical help could have saved them or at least alleviated their suffering.

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We know it is practical advice when people tell us not to do anymore rescue work. As passionate dog lovers, can we say no when rescuers approach for help to save a mother dog and her puppies from unfair death? Or refuse to provide home to a hungry and frightened fugitive who is being chased and hunted for the kill? We have no heart to turn away from doing as much as we can for these voiceless, helpless but otherwise intelligent creatures. But to sustain, we do need all the help you can give us.

Sadly, our difficult financial position is made even more daunting by the impending move we are forced to make.

It is scheduled that by March this year, all animal welfare groups in Pasir Ris will have to move to new premises built by AVA in Sungei Tengah. Now with better insight into what the space provided can do, we estimate that we do need at least $80,000 to furbish and construct the kennels for our 5 units so as to squeeze in our near 130 dogs. We also need to pay a deposit rental of three months amounting to approx. $23,040 (inclusive of 3-month maintenance charges of $6,540 + GST).

We sincerely hope you will come forward and help us resolve the difficulties we now face.

For donation, you can choose any of the following methods:

1.     Through online donation - GiveAsia: https://oscas.give.asia/

2.     Through bank transfer

Please note that our DBS Current Account is:

 DBS Current AccountOSCAS LTD, Account No.048-904283-4.

For online transactions, in order to help us identify the donor, please fill in under “My Initials” and “Beneficiary/Customer Ref:” Your Name. You are also encouraged to email or WhatsApp us a copy of the transaction accompanied by information of your full name and email address for us to send you a non-tax exempt receipt.  To WhatsApp, our contact number is 98184329.

3.     By Cheque

Alternatively, you can also deposit a cheque made payable to OSCAS Limited with OSCAS DBS account number written on the back of the cheque and drop it into any DBS quick cheque deposit box.  Please also do email or WhatsApp us a copy of the cheque accompanied by information of your full name and email address for us to send you a non-tax exempt receipt. Our WhatsApp contact number is 98184329.

Your personal data will never be shared.

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