Consider these before getting a dog

By Jodi Lee. Opinions expressed here are her own.

April 2, 2018

At OSCAS, we want every one of our dogs to go to a good home. If you’ve never had a dog before and is considering adopting one, it’s very important to consider a few things before going through with it.

Whity, my first rescue

Whity, my first rescue

A dog is a lifetime commitment

The lifetime of the dog that is. My first rescue, Whity was a small mixed breed and she came to me when she was around 3 years old. She passed away at 18, which means I had her for 15 years. Most of the dogs from OSCAS are medium sized mongrels and they are likely to live anywhere from 10 to 15 years.  This article gives you more information about how long dogs live.

Thousands of dogs are abandoned in Singapore, according to this article. People get dogs for a variety of reasons. Is your reason enough for you to commit to a decade or more of your life?

The most valuable resource - time

Will you have time to play with your dog after a long day at work? Will you have time to train your dog? Will you have time to walk your dog everyday? Will you have time to make meals for your dog if it requires a special diet? Will you have time to bring your dog to the dog run for exercise and socializing?

According to this article, many dog owners actually prefer to spend time with their dogs than socialise with friends. Once your dog becomes your best friend, it’s hard not to feel this way. You may or may not adopt this attitude, but the reality is dogs take time.

Your wallet

Mei Mei, my current rescue

Mei Mei, my current rescue

I’m spending a few hundred dollars a month for food and treats for my current rescue, Mei Mei. And that’s not including ad hoc vet costs. Whity, in her senior years, had a heart murmur and this cost me over a hundred dollars a month for medication for over a year, until she finally passed away.

This article talks about some of the costs associated with owning a dog, such as grooming, vaccinations, dog shampoos and more but it doesn’t include dog transport costs to the vet, the beach, dog runs, grooming, etc.

Are you prepared for the costs of owning a dog?

If you have decided you are ready for this commitment, OSCAS has many lovely dogs you will fall in love with. Browse here >

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